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Snagflow is unique electronic snagging, workflow & reporting software using the latest mobile and internet technologies to improve communication and efficiency in defect management.

Snagging and Defects Management using SnagflowSnagflow can save time and money by improving the accuracy and speed of electronic snagging & defect management. Electronic snagging can be done either using the smartphone with WiFi / 3G internet connection provided, or via secure website from your computer.

Both systems include Blueprintview which enables you to visually enter the precise location of a snag by selecting the location on an electronic blueprint of your project.

Defect Management – Prevention

The Snagflow defects management process helps you and your clients to identify defects, understand why they are occurring and take corrective action to ensure they don’t recur in current or future projects. Any solutions you implement can be measured by comparing outcomes across projects.

Learning From Experience

Snagflow helps you find and resolve defects quickly to minimise their impact by automating and simplifying your electronic snagging process. Our overall aim is help you prevent defects in current and future projects, and using the system to learn from your previous experience is just one of the ways Snagflow can help you.

A large number of defects on site are caused by flawed processes. Snagflow helps you to learn what’s going wrong and improve your process accordingly.

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