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Snagflow’s workflow system improves the defect management process from identification through to remedy and prevents delays and misunderstandings.

  • Site manager enters snag location on a smartphone using Blueprintview
  • Site manager adds snag type, package, details and can take any number of photographs for each snag
  • This defect management data is automatically uploaded from all Snagflow smartphones via WiFi, 3G or GPRS to the secure Snagflow server
  • Secure online snaglists are updated automatically
  • Sub-contractors are notified by email, fax or smartphone about their snags, with regular snaglists sent on demand
  • Sub-contractors check off each snag they have rectified using their secure online snaglist, or via their own Snagflow smartphone
  • Snaglists are updated on both smartphones and online, enabling site managers to keep track of the progress of outstanding snags
  • Site manager re-inspects each snag remedied by sub-contractors, marking them as rectified or requiring further attention
  • Those requiring further attention remain on the snaglist
  • A full audit trail of all actions are logged by Snagflow, enabling accurate progress checks on snags and sub-contractors


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